Ensure You and Your Loved Ones are Properly planned For With Our Pre-Arrangement Funeral packages

Our team will guide you through pre-planning and provide education to help you make the best decision for your family. With our funeral service packages, you can trust us to provide quality, professionalism, and competence. Take the first step towards peace of mind, and contact us now!

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Education for Pre-Planning

We provide education on the importance of pre-planning, advanced directives, making sure your wishes are adhered to.

Efficient Service

With Care and Compassion, We Make the Process of Planning your final wishes clear and concise.

Professional Licensed Pre-Need Agent

Our team of professional licensed pre-need agents will create peace of mind and confidence for our clients.

Accessibility and Convenience

Convenient in person or online consultations.

Funeral Service Packages – Fully customizable for your needs

Tailored Funeral Packages to Fit Your Unique Needs

Comprehensive Funeral Services for Your Loved One’s Farewell

Thoughtful Funeral Service Planning for a Meaningful Tribute

Simplifying Funeral Planning with Our All-Inclusive Packages

Marker Design and Placement

Personalized Memorialization for Your Loved One

Creating a Lasting Tribute with Custom Marker Design

Expertly Placing and Maintaining Memorial Markers

Unique Marker Options to Honor Your Loved One’s Legacy

Spaces for Cremation & Burial

Compassionate Guidance for Cremation and Burial Decisions

Comfortable and Serene Spaces for Cremation and Burial

Expert Support in Choosing the Right Final Resting Place

Comprehensive Options for Cremation and Burial Services

Notary Services

Professional Notary Services for Funeral-Related Documents

Expert Assistance with Funeral Property Transactions

Licensed Notary Services to Ensure Accuracy and Legality

Consultations for Pre-Planning

Identify Burial Type

Explain Property Options

Offer Comprehensive Service Solutions

Funeral Insurance

Final Expense Planning

“Lena is exceptional!! I came in with a very specific request about a loved one’s burial plot from over four decades ago. I came from out of town, and these two ladies expedited my needs in a timely manner and far exceeded my request and expectations. I left there feeling like I had been well taken care of”

-Shelli K.

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